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Christian Witt-Doerring; Michael Huey; Vienna interior; independent film; 16MM film
Christian and Michael
16MM film
length: 7 minutes

"Christian and Michael" is a portrait film that explores the domestic life of a cultural, intellectual couple; a museum curator and his husband who is an artist. The couple are at home in their apartment in Vienna, Austria, in the same apartment building where Christian grew up, a building that the family has owned since the aught years of the 20th century. Contemporary art as well as antiques and found objects surround their space. The interior is a form of self expression; the camera searches through the settings almost as a separate character, observing how space is filled and used, how culture is not left in the museum or office, but brought home as part and parcel of their daily lives. This film is in color, more essential to the lush yet modernistic environment.

Distributed by Light Cone, Paris, France.